Depending on your nationality you will need to apply for various licenses before being able to travel and work in the Netherlands.


Entrance visa (Machtiging Voorlopig Verblijf - MVV)

To be able to travel to the Netherlands for members of some countries a valid passport is enough. In all other cases you will need so called entrance papers. This is called an MVV (Machtiging Voorlopig Verblijf). The HR-department of ASTRON will help you apply for this, but you need to provide various papers before the application can be submitted. You can submit this application at a Dutch embassy or consulate in your country.

Always check with the personnel [at] astron [dot] nl (HR-department) of ASTRON in regard to your specific situation and be prepared for the fact that civil servant procedures may take some time and can sometimes be frustrating.


Residence permit (V.T.V - Verblijfsvergunning)

People from most countries in the world need a residence permit to stay in the Netherlands. ASTRON has permission from the IND (Immigration services) to apply for permits for so called Highly skilled migrants. This type of permit takes less time to process. However, the final decision takes time and may give you some difficulty in arranging things.

The personnel [at] astron [dot] nl (HR-department) has access to the appropriate forms and will help you fill them in.


Health insurance

All personnel of ASTRON and JIVE are employed by NWO. NWO has set up a collective health insurance agreement with OHRA.


Bank account (Bankrekening)

To be able to pay your salary you will need a Dutch bank account. In general every new employee coming from abroad opens a bank account at the Rabobank in Dwingeloo. However, there are other banks and you are free to choose another one.

All banks have various credit and so called pin cards. Many local stores in Drenthe will not accept credit cards as they have a fee for the merchant. What does work nearly everywhere in the Netherlands is the bank giro pin card (pin pas) which directly debits your bank account.

Many people in the Netherlands use internet banking. Your new bank can provide you with all the information to set up internet banking.


Registration of residence (uittreksel)

Once you have found suitable accommodation, you should register at the local town hall (called a gemeentehuis). Some villages are not large enough to have their own and are linked to a bigger town or city. Check with the HR-department where the local town hall in your situation is located, and how to go there.

Tip: Your birth certificate, which has to be legalized, is one of the papers you may need to register. So, make sure you take care of this before you leave your home country. The easiest way to find the current rules and regulations is to contact the Dutch embassy in your country.

When you move again at some point, you should go over to the town hall and report your new address. They do crosschecks between various government agencies.


Social security number (BSN-nummer)

Everyone in the Netherlands has a social security number. Without it, it is not allowed to work and opening a bank account may be difficult as well. You will receive your BSN-number when you register at the town hall.


Taxes deduction - 30% rule

Under certain conditions, you may be eligible for the 30% rule. This is a rule specifically for people with special skills coming from abroad. We will need to prove to the Dutch tax office that we could not find a suitable candidate in the Netherlands for the open job position. When you take up the position, the HR-department will apply for this 30% tax rule.

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Car and driving license

If you are not a E.U. citizen, a foreign driver's license will be valid for 185 days after becoming resident in the Netherlands.
If you are a E.U citizen, your driver's license will be valid for ten years after the date of issue.
Then, you will have to take a driving test to get a Dutch driving license (rijbewijs). If you are eligible for the 30% rule, your foreign driving license can be transferred to a Dutch license, without a driving test.
+ All information on driving license

If you take your car or your motorcycle with you, make sure you have all the paperwork ready as soon as you take up residence. You will have to ask for a license certificate and change license plates. Then, you will have to obtain a Dutch insurance and you need to pay road tax. The bill for this tax will automatically drop in the mail as soon as the registration is transferred to you. The price depends on the make, model, etc.

+ Information about Registering motor vehicles

If you want to buy a car in the Netherlands, the purchase procedure is really rather simple.
- the seller hands over the parts I and II of the registration forms and you go to an official postoffice to register it (a valid Dutch driving license or an uittreksel from the Gemeente is requested).
- you receive a new registration certificate and a paper to hand back to the previous owner stating that he has no longer the ownership of the car.
- once he received your letter, the previous owner hands over part III of the registration papers. Keep it in a safe place: if anyone steals your car and has all three parts, the car is legally his.
- the car is yours. The license plates remain with the car so you don't have to worry about transferring them.

Cars older than three years must undergo an annual inspection which can be done at an authorized service station (Algemene Periodieke Keuring - APK). Your inspection certificate should also be kept in the car. The fee is not fixed but should be moderate.


Pets and goods

+ See the customs brochure "Moving to the Netherlands"


Contact personnel [at] astron [dot] nl (HR department)


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