Informatie voor Nederlandse studenten is te vinden op: Stagemogelijkheden.

Within ASTRON we have several internships available. Besides the internships mentioned on this page you can also send in your own internship proposal. Please mention in this proposal the name of your school, the period of the internship, subject and an extended description of the internship you like to do.

Due to specific regulations for foreign students we like to ask you to contact stage [at] astron [dot] nl for further information.


 Task description
 K-mirror for METIS
 Flexible Optical systems  Academic


In the coming period starting January 2014 we have room for at least one trainee but most likely two within the Mechanics group. If you are interested in taking on one of these three projects listed below, please contact us.


Task description Level/Education
Remote control of cryostats Bachelor
Control automatic readout of the IOR cryogenic measurement setup Bachelor
Thermal Resistance and capacity HBO/Academic
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