LOFAR telescope shines at Noorderzon Festival

LOFAR telescope shines at Noorderzon FestivalClick here for a high res image. Klik hier voor een hoge resolutie foto.

Between 18 and 28 August, the LOFAR telescope will be part of a show at the famous Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival in Groningen, the Netherlands. This festival is an 11-day international, cultural event with a huge number of crossover productions among which music, dance, circus, theatre, mime, and science. In previous years, over 135,000 people visited the festival.


Einstein on a cube 

Part of this festival is Qu3, a huge cube on the terrain with Einstein on front (see also www.qu3.nl). One of the floors in this cube is reserved for an astronomy show (of which the LOFAR telescope will be part), organised by, among others, the Kapteyn Institute of the University of Groningen.


Wideranging programme 

Thousands of people will gather on a daily basis to enjoy the many major and minor performances, shows, concerts, or perhaps just to have a drink and take delight in everything that is going on around them. They can enjoy a wideranging programme, accessible to everyone: from literature to children's activities, from internationally renowned companies to local occasional collectives. In addition, Noorderzon is a genuine festival for the city. Besides all the locations in the Noorderplantsoen, there are also twenty artistic locations beyond the Plantsoen - varying from small to large. In many cases, Noorderzon's partners have generously opened their doors to our activities. This part of the festival is called: Noorderzon DownTown.


Experienced masters and promising newcomers

The festival has an exciting programme with performances from all corners of the globe. It presents new cutting-edge shows from Russia, Japan, the United States, Tunisia, Italy, Australia, England, Argentina, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Germany and, of course, the Netherlands. These are shows by experienced masters and promising newcomers. Theatre and music makers with their own signature, their own vision of the world, their own vision of current events. They range from large, visually overwhelming performances and large companies to small, intimate solo shows.


On www.noorderzon.nl you can find everything about the festival.

Picture: the cube at the festival grounds with the image of Einstein in mosaic shape on the sides (bron: http://www.genenkraken.nl/boekje).

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