12 May: 'Europe around the corner' at the LOFAR telescope


 EU Kijkdag 2012


What?    EU Kijkdag 2012: 'Europe around the Corner'.
When?    Saturday 12 May, from 12.00-16.00 hrs.
Where?    Exloërweg 13, Buinen (see map below).

More information? www.europaomdehoek.nl/kijkdagen


On Saturday 12 May, ASTRON is organising a small open day during the 'SNN EU Kijkdagen'. During this event, organised by the Northern Netherlands Provinces (SNN), organisations in the Netherlands that received funding from SNN open their doors to the public. It is not necessary to sign in for the open day.


ASTRON organises fun activities for young and old near the LOFAR field. The theme SNN has for this day is "Innovation". A theme that suits ASTRON perfectly! On this open day you can find out what the SKA-Northern Netherlands project is, how LOFAR exactly works and how this innovative idea for a giant telescope was developed.


The LOFAR antennas in the field. Click on the image for a high resolution version.



The LOFAR open day committee is in full swing organising activities. The activities range from a mini-fun lab where kids make their own flash light (for a small charge), workshops 'make your own pulsar' (exploded star) and a journey through the Universe in the mobile planetarium of the RuG to tours on the LOFAR field and 'looking' at the sky yourself with a small radio telescope and a solar telescope. The tours to the field are organised by bus or horse carriage. Free posters are also available for kids. You can see preview here.

The activities during the LOFAR open day are all free of charge and free parking is possible on the location. Keep an eye on this web page to stay up to date!


Artist impression of dense aperture arrays of the Square Kilometre Array. Source: Swinburne Astronomy Productions/ SPDO.



Zoom out to determine the route to the Exloërweg 13. There will be signs near the location that you can follow to the open day premises. On the location itself you can see a big flag of the EU Kijkdag 2012.

Aerial shot of the LOFAR core

Picture of the superterp with 6 LOFAR stations, taken from the air. Credits: Peter Elenbaas. The tours will be on the this superterp, where you will see the LOFAR antennas. Click on the image for a high resolution version.





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