Astronomers pinpoint radio flashes from long-long ago in a galaxy far-far away

Astronomers – among them scientists from ASTRON, University of Amsterdam, Leiden University and JIVE in the Netherlands - have for the first time pinpointed the location of a so-called ‘fast radio burst’ - a type of short-duration radio flash of enigmatic origin - and have used this to identify its host galaxy. The team presented their findings at the American Astronomical Society's winter meeting in Grapevine, Texas. The results appear today in Nature and the Astrophysical Journal Letters. Lees verder

Newly formed stars shooting out strong whirlwinds

Researchers from, among others, ASTRON and the Niels Bohr Institute in Denmark have used the ALMA-telescope in order to observe the earliest stages in the formation of a new solar system. For the first time, they observed how strong "whirlwinds" shooting from the rotating cloud of gas and dust. The results will be presented on 15 December in the scientific journal Nature.Lees verder

Eyes on the future during State visit Australia

From 31 October to 4 November His Majesty King Willem-Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Máxima are on a State visit to Australia. The State visit to Australia was devoted to confirming and expanding the historic and broad bilateral ties the Netherlands has with Australia. On 1 November the king and queen visited the Curtin University for an explanation of the Square Kilometre Array. Lees verder

Science in a Digital World

As a participant and partner of the 4th National eScience Symposium, we had a great day on 13 October. As the main theme of the symposium was ‘Science in a Digital World’, we were of course at the right place. During the day-long event scientists from different fields met each other, shared experiences and discovered how digital technology impacts scientific practice. Lees verder

Stefan Wijnholds appointed as Extraordinary Associate Professor

Stefan J. Wijnholds appointed as Extraordinary Associate Professor. The University of Stellenbosch has appointed Stefan J. Wijnholds as Extraordinary Associate Professor.Lees verder

Dutch radio antenna to depart for the moon on Chinese mission

Researchers at Radboud University, ASTRON and the Delft company Innovative Solutions in Space (ISIS) are to develop a new instrument that will be onboard the Chinese Chang’e4 satellite that will be placed in an orbit behind the moon in 2018. Lees verder

Black Hole Fed by Cold Intergalactic Deluge

An international team of astronomers, including the Dutch astronomers Raymond Oonk (ASTRON and Leiden University) and Michael Wise (ASTRON), has witnessed a cosmic weather event that has never been seen before using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). The results appeared in the journal Nature on 9 June 2016. Lees verder

Joeri van Leeuwen wins the Willem de Graaff Prize 2016

The board of the Nederlandse Astronomenclub (NAC) awarded the Willem de Graaff award 2016 to astronomer Dr. Joeri van Leeuwen (ASTRON, UvA).Lees verder

Dr. Jason W.T. Hessels wins the Pastoor Schmeits Prize for astronomy

During the Netherlands Astronomy Conference in Nunspeet, the Pastoor Schmeits Prize for astronomy will be awarded to Dr. Jason Hessels - affiliated with both ASTRON and the Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy of the UvA (University of Amsterdam).Lees verder

Possible Extragalactic Source of High-Energy Neutrinos

Nearly 10 billion years ago in a galaxy known as PKS B1424-418, a dramatic explosion occurred. Light from this blast began arriving at Earth in 2012. Now, an international team of astronomers have shown that a record-breaking neutrino seen around the same time likely was born in the same event. The results are published in "Nature Physics". Lees verder

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