Joining Apertif

We welcome additional participants keen to contribute to Apertif and further enhance its scientific output. 
For more information please contact the chair of the ASDT.
ASTRON is in the final phases of commissioning the Apertif system on the WSRT. This upgrade has equipped 12 WSRT 25-m equatorial dishes with phased array feeds (PAFs) and completely new processing systems. The WSRT Apertif system is one of just two arrays in the world equipped with PAFs. The other system is the Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP). Together Apertif and ASKAP are complementary; together they offer survey capabilities for both north and south hemispheres.

Two modes of WSRT operations are commencing in January 2019 with early science:
  • Tracing the evolving Universe: thee are several science drivers, including probing HI via shallow and medium-deep surveys of the northern sky, detecting OH mega-masers, continuum mapping at full- polarisation and monitoring slow transients in the multi-epoch Medium-Deep Survey areas, and
  • Observing the Dynamic Universe: exploiting Apertif’s wide field of view with ARTS – Apertif’s radio transient system. The ARTS system is a dedicated GPU supercomputer to detect and locate the origin of fast radio bursts (FRB) by also triggering real-time LOFAR observations.
You can read more about the currently approved science projects for Apertif here.

The Apertif scientific collaboration currently consists of approximately 30 active members organized around a wide range of key science interests. These teams have been tightly coupled with the development of the instrument as well as the design of the imaging and time domain surveys. Along with the definition of the initial science program, the Apertif Science Delivery Team (ASDT) commissions the technical system as well as working closely with other ASTRON personnel to test the science pipelines which will ensure that the ALTA system provides science quality data products.

The Apertif science collaboration actively welcomes new potential members and individual researchers or teams are encouraged to contact the ASDT chairperson to express interest. Researchers at all career stages are welcome to apply for membership. Membership in the collaboration is determined by significant contributions to the development, commissioning, and scientific exploitation of Apertif. These contributions can take any of a variety of forms including direct funding, contributed personnel effort, access to complimentary data sets, or unique expertise. Membership in the Apertif science collaboration, which all associated rights and privileges, is granted by the ASDT subject to adherence to the terms and conditions of membership including the data access and publication policies as listed below.

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