APERTIF Results and publications

  • Slides with a general overview of Apertif and some imaging commissioning results can be downloaded from here in Keynote or PDF format.

  • First imaging results from Apertif, a phased-array feed for WSRT
    Adams, E.~A., and 12 colleagues 2017.  American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts 229, 324.02.
  • ARTS - the Apertif Radio Transient System
    http://www.slac.stanford.edu/econf/C131113.1/ Joeri van Leeuwen, The Third Hot-wiring the Transient Universe Workshop (HTU-III), held 13-15 November, 2013 in Santa Fe, NM. Edited by P.R. Wozniak et al. Online at.
  • Apertif - the focal-plane array system for the WSRT
    T. Oosterloo, M.A.W. Verheijen, W. Van Cappellen, L. Bakker, G. Heald and M. Ivashina, "Proceedings of Wide Field Astronomy & Technology for the Square Kilometre Array (SKADS 2009). 4-6 November 2009. Chateau de Limelette, Belgium. Published online at http://pos.sissa.it/cgi-bin/reader/conf.cgi?confid=132
  • HI Surveys with APERTIF
    Verheijen, M., Oosterloo, T., Heald, G., van Cappellen, W. 2009. Panoramic Radio Astronomy: Wide-field 1-2 GHz Research on Galaxy Evolution 10. Published on line
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