Outreach activities

Milky way path

It is possible for the public to visit the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescopes (WSRT) of ASTRON. You can use the Milky Way path ('Melkwegpad') to walk to the telescopes. On this path you can find a scale model of the solar system with information about the different planets. The scale of the Milky Way path is 1 to 3.700.000.000. Each step you take is about 2.5 million kilometers. For more details on how to visit the Milky Way path, click here.

Open Days

Once every two years, ASTRON, JIVE and the NOVA Optical/ Infrared group at ASTRON organise an Open Day in Dwingeloo or at the Westerbork telescope. Everyone can visit the open day to take a peak behind the scenes, participate in experiments and operate the Westerbork telescope. Keep an eye on the ASTRON website for more information about the next open day.

Tours at the LOFAR telescope

The LofarTafel (a group of entrepreneurs in Exloo, that promotes the LOFAR telescope in the region) coordinates tours at the LOFAR telescope. Volunteers who have been trained as tour guide for the LOFAR area are available for tours at the telescope. You can find more information at: www.lofarzone.nl

The Dwingeloo Telescope

The Dwingeloo Telescope was built in 1956 and is being maintained by a foundation called CAMRAS. They can organise tours for high schools and in the weekends CAMRAS volunteers are often present at the telescope to talk to visitors. For more information, please visit their website: www.camras.nl.

Girls day

Every year, ASTRON, JIVE and the NOVA Optical/ Infrared group at ASTRON organise a Girlsday specifically for high school girls. The girls can participate in experiments and talk to female scientists and engineers to get a feel for the exciting world of astronomy and engineering. To know more about the Girlsday, take a look at the previous girlsday.


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