7 October 2012: astronomy on the Milky Way path

What? Astronomy activities for people of all ages but especially for kids (5-12 years old), on the Milky Way path near Hooghalen.
When? Sunday 7 October between 12.00-16.00 hrs.
Where? Schattenberg 1, Zwiggelte. Follow the parking signs. NOTE: the entry and exit of the N381 at Beilen are closed off in the weekend of 7 October!

More information? http://www.oktoberkennismaand.nl/home/ and http://www.kindermaand.nl/.

Galaxy cygnus A, image made with ASTRON's LOFAR telescope.

On Sunday 7 October, ASTRON is organising activities on the Milky Way path near the Westerbork telescope, in cooperation with Universe Awareness and CAMRAS, the foundation that manages the Dwingeloo Telescope. The activities are taking place in the Weekend of Science which is part of Oktober Kennismaand (October Knowledhe month).

Making your own exploded star, a pulsar.

Visitors can enjoy a show in the planetarium, operate one of the Westerbork telescope dishes and kids can play on the new play-equipment. At the small dishes on the Milky Way path, kids can participate in other activities such as putting the planets in the right order and shoot small rockets into the sky.

The activities are free of charge.



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