The ASTRON Radio Group is developing state-of-the-art antennas and receivers for the next generation of radio telescopes. Since celestial radio waves are mostly very weak signals, large antennas and extremely sensitive and stable receivers are required. At the same time, these systems should be robust against the increasing man-made interference, caused by the boost in mobile broadband connectivity and navigation systems.

Over the last decades, we have been pioneering concepts to enable array-based radio telescopes, like ultra-wideband antenna arrays, mutual coupling and noise coupling in antenna arrays, very low-noise room-temperature LNA’s, phased array feeds and efficient numerical modeling of antennas and receiver systems. The current expertise of our group is focused on the development of phased array systems (both aperture arrays and phased array feeds), modeling and design of very wideband antenna arrays, design and characterization of low-noise amplifiers (LNA’s) and RF filters. Most of our applications are in the 10 MHz to 5 GHz frequency range.

Our activities include RF (system) design, LNA design and characterization, antenna design and measurement, and RF photonics (for example RF over fiber). We actively collaborate with national and international partners, universities and industry. After completing the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) and the EMBRACE aperture array (link to EMBRACE), we are currently working on the development of the APERTIF Phased Array Feed upgrade for the WSRT and several aspects of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), such as the Low and Mid Frequency Aperture Array.


The Radio Group consists of: Mark Bentum - Competence Group Leader 

ir. Michel Arts - Researcher

Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Morawietz - Instrument Engineer

ing. Mark Ruiter - Instrument Engineer

ir. Klaas Visser - Instrument Engineer

ing. Roel Witvers - Instrument Engineer

Sieds Damstra - Design Engineer 

Lesley Goudbeek - DOME Electrical Engineer

David Prinsloo - Antenna Design Engineer 

Paulus Krüger - RF Electronics Engineer 

ir. Wim van Cappellen - Program Manager LOFAR2.0 

ir. Jan Geralt bij de Vaate - Consortium Leader SKA-AADC 


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