Koos Kegel

Function Competence Group Leader
Phone +31 (0)521 595 222
Email kegel at astron.nl




- Research and projectmanagement
- System Design 
- RF and microwave design and engineering

- Physical layer terrestrial wireless telecommunication systems
- Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)
- Ku-band broadcast satellite systems 


- Method for optimizing at least one property of a satellite system, optimisation device for a satellite system, satellite receiver and satellite system; patent WO 2004/114547

-  System and method for detecting objects, and magnetic field generator for use in such a system or method; patent WO 2007/030004

- Device for measuring the movement of a pattern; patent EP0292069

- Device for delivering an output signal corresponding to the maxima or minima of a variable input signal; patent EP0274787

- Coil current control device (US Patent 4749931)

- Multi input LNB - Demonstrator of a reflector feed array receiver for satellite broadcast reception
Joel Grotz, Ainhoa Braun-Lois, Elise Guedin, Thierry Coutelier, Dogan Hakan Caner, Francesco Amato, Daniel Roche, Thierry Abraham, Frederic Roelens, Klaas Visser, Dion Kant, Erik van der Wal, Koos Kegel.
ESA Telecommunications antenna week conference. October 3, 2012


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