The CSP is the central processing "brain" of the SKA.  It converts digitised astronomical signals detected by SKA receivers into the vital information needed by the Science Data Processor to make detailed images of deep space astronomical phenomena that the SKA is observing.  It will also design a "non-image processor" in order to facilitate the most comprehensive and ambitious survey yet to find new pulsars and precisely time known pulsars. The "Central Signal Processor" (CSP) element includes design of the hardware and associated firmware/software necessary for this.


The CSP will utilise the latest generations of high-speed digital processing chips and boards.  The challenge with the CSP is that it must process enormous amounts of real-time data, and in so doing produce enormous amounts of output to be consumed by the Science Data Processor. It will be located in remote locations and must be designed to deliver the maximum science possible within a hard cost cap and an aggressive timeline.



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