Observing Proposals

The International LOFAR Telescope (ILT) is a powerful next-generation radio telescope for frequencies below 240 MHz that offers revolutionary new observing capabilities thanks to its phased-array technology with digital beam-forming.

LOFAR delivers correlated visibility data for synthesis imaging, plus in/coherently added single and multiple station data (several beam-formed modes) as well as transient buffer read-out, for example for studies of pulsars, transients, and cosmic rays. 

International LOFAR Telescope Regular Proposal Call

Cycle 15 will run from 1 December 2020 - 31 May 2021. Submission deadline: 9 September 2020.

** Proposers must ensure that their justification files adhere to the instructions given in the proposal call and in Northstar, repeated online here. **

Proposal Tool

Proposals should be submitted using the  "NorthStar for LOFAR" proposal submission tool.

For the preparation of your proposal, please consult the short "Walk Through" manual of NorthStar [PDF file].

In case you experience issues with NorthStar, please visit the page Frequently Asked Questions

When preparing the proposal, proposers can use the LOFAR Tools, for example the  "LOFAR Data Volume Calculator" 

Further questions can be addressed to the ASTRON SDC Operations Group by opening a helpdesk ticket.


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