LOFAR Calculators

A set of calculators to help with proposal and observation setup.


LOFAR Proposing & Observing Tools

A set of tools for users to create/submit proposals and monitor the project status.


LOFAR Archive

The Long-Term Archive (LTA) of LOFAR data.  Use this tool to retrieve your data or such for other LOFAR data in the public domain. Usually data are released into the public domain one year after observation.

An how-to Wiki page describing how to search and retrieve data from the Long Term Archive can be found here.


LOFAR Issue Tracker

The LOFAR Issue Tracker is used by ASTRON and users to report software issues, track changes that are needed in the software and prioritize them.


LOFAR Software Processing Tools

A collection of tools to process LOFAR data, their documentation and installation details. Moreover, instructions on how to install the LOFAR software at external computing faciltiies is also given.


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