Ronald de Wild

Function Instrument Engineer
Phone +31 (0)521 595 156
Email wild at




Signal Processing Engineer
- System architecture: from RF front-end to parallel-pipelined back-end
- Signal transmission and signal processing: from customers requirements to deployment on silicon (CMOS)
- According to a structured top-down design methodology by means of VHDL [= IEEE-standard hardware modelling language]
- Expert-lecturer 'signal processing'


- "Method for partial spectrum computation" (IEE-Proceedings, Part F, No.7, December 1987); [signaalverwerking t.b.v. DARR (Delft Athmospheric Research Radar)]

-  "Computational-efficient Fractional Sampling-Rate Conversion Architectures for the Tied Array Distribution Unit of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope", R. de Wild, A. Doorduin, J. Dromer, ProRISC Workshop, Veldhoven, 29/30-11-2007

- "A Generic Digital Beam Former platform for Phased Arrays in Radio Astronomy", R. de Wild, ProRISC Workshop, Veldhoven, 25/26-11-2004 

- "Beam Forming Aspects of Large Antenna Arrays for Radio Astronomy", R. de Wild, G.A. Hampson, E. Deprettere, Millennium Conference on Antennas & Propagation, Davos, 4-2000

- "The OSMA Adaptive Digital Beam Former", R. de Wild, G.A. Hampson, A.B. Smolders, A. Doorduin, ProRISC Workshop, Mierlo, 24/25/26-11-1999

- "Efficient Multi-Beaming for the Next Generation of Radio Telescopes", G.A. Hampson, R. de Wild, A.B. Smolders, NFRA/ASTRON International Conference, Dwingeloo, 4-1999

- Study Unit "Signal Processing", 6 sets of lecture slides on DSP, Theme 8, H.I.T.-Assen, version 3-2010 (ASTRON documentation system: ASTRON-HO- 055,056, 057,058, 059,060 ) [H.I.T. = Hanze Institute of Technology, een dependance van de Hanze Hogeschool Groningen; de H.I.T. verzorgt opleidingen op HBO-niveau op gebied van Advanced Sensor Applications; ASTRON is een van de 8 belanghebbende bedrijven sinds de oprichting in 2008.]


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