Cryostats and Vacuum equipment

Test Cryostat
Test Cryostat

Test cryostat
Inside an aluminium bench is located with an array of M6 screwthread at 25 mm pitch for mounting
Effective volume Dia 600 mm, Height 700 mm
Temperature 40 Kelvin to 323 Kelvin (50 degr.C)
Vacuum down to 10-7 mbar
Optical ports up to 150 mm diameter with shutter, for optical verification 
Mechanical (rotating) ports
Several electrical ports for sensors.
A data acquisition system available.

Also smaller cryostats are available with different size an ports.

RGA (Rest Gas Analysis)
RGA (Rest Gas Analysis)
Analysis of gas type and gas quantity in a clean vacuum chamber.
Heating of testsamples is possible to about 60 degr.C

Several vacuum pumps
Several vacuum pumps for quick (rough) pumping and deep vacuum down to 10-7 mbar

Multi purpose clean tent
Multi purpose clean tent

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