Pieter Benthem

Function Project Leader Phased Array Systems
Phone +31 (0)521 595 589
Email benthem at astron.nl




- Radio Astronomy System Design
- RF & Microwave Design
- Project Management
- High Performance Computing
- System Costing and Performance Analysis


- SKA Mid Frequency Aperture Arrays: Technology for the Ultimate Survey Machine
J. G. Bij De Vaate, S. A. Torchinsky, A. J. Faulkner, Y. Zhang, A. Gunst, P. Benthem, I. M. Van Bemmel, G. Kenfack
URSI GA, Beijing, China; 08/2014

- Improved Sensitivity of a Low Noise Aperture Array Tile for the SKA
E. E. M. Woestenburg, R. H. Witvers, M. Ruiter, P. Benthem
ICEAA 2014, Palm Beach, Aruba; 08/2014

- Mid Frequency Aperture Array Technology Developments for the SKA
J. G. Bij De Vaate, P. Benthem, R. Witvers, R. Van Den Brink, Y. Zhang, S. A. Torchinsky
ANTEM 2014, Victoria, Canada; 07/2014

- EMBRACE: Results From an Aperture Array for Radio Astronomy
P. Benthem, G. W. Kant
EuCAP 2012, Prague; 03/2012

- Aperture array development for future large radio telescopes
P. Benthem, G.W. Kant, S.J. Wijnholds, M.J. Arts, R. Maaskant, M. Ruiter, E. van der Wal
EuCAP 2011, Rome; 05/2011

- EMBRACE: First Experimental Results with the Initial 10% of a 10,000 Element Phased Array Radio Telescope
S. J. Wijnholds, G. W. Kant, E. Van Der Wal, P. Benthem, M. Ruiter, P. Picard, S. A. Torchinsky, S. Montebugnoli, R. Keller
SKADS confernece, Limelette; 11/2009


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