Clean rooms

Click to view more images A 40m2 cleanroom area in ASTRON is in use for testing and integration of complex and sensitive electronic and optical components. This clean room test and integration area has a cleanliness class of better than 10.000 (ISO-7). Higher cleanliness levels are achieved by the laminar airflow (LAF) workbench. A number of tools, workbenches and equipment are available for the integration of optical components and instruments.


Test and integration area specifications  

  • Filter unit, "Ultra Clean" Weiss, located in air lock area.
  • Secure entrance with magnetic key
  • ESD safe area
  • Certified conform to the EN 14644-1 cleanliness standards
Air lock
Size 4.3m x 2.1m
Entrance Double door with window to main corridor
Opening 1.8m x 2.1m (W x H)
Entry limited permission by magnetic key entry lock
Environmental Air cleanliness class 100.000
Accessories Clean room clothing
Vinitex Fire resistant safety cabinet
Telephone connection
Smoke detector
Working area
Size A - 4.3m x 7.8m
Entrance Double door via air lock
Opening 1.8m x 2.1m (W x H)
Emergency exit Single door to main corridor
Environmental condition
Air cleanliness class 10.000
Temperature 20 ºC / ± 2 ºC
Humidity 50 % / ± 10%
max. humidity 70%
Accessories: Optical workbench
West-Bond manual chip wire bond machine
IC probing station
Micro scoop
Nitrogen connection
Compressed air
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