Environmental test facilities

Temperature, climate, solar radiation, weathering can be simulated with the ASTRON environmental test facilities.

High and low temperatures can be simulated in combination with a high or low humidity to verify products against environmental specifications.

Temperature changes, condensation of water and wear of electronics and mechanics can be tested on operational products. The following test equipment can be used:

(-40°C <-> +180°C, 180 liter)

(-20°C <-> +60°C, 30m3 )


(-40°C <-> +100°C /
20%RH <-> 98%RH, 400 liter)

(+30°C <-> +70°C (CHT),
30 <-> 90%RH, 3x 2100W Xenon lamps,
0,3m2 exposed area)

Wear due to sun loading can be simulated with Xenon lamps in a solar radiation chamber. This chamber has also the possibility to execute weathering tests with controlled temperature, humidity, solar loading, and rain.


Temperature and Climate test facilities

Climate chamber (-400C <-> +1000C / 20%RH <-> 98%RH, 400 liter)

Temperature range -40 to +150 C
Temperature fluctuation +/- 0.3 C

Temperature uniformity
+/- 0.5 C
Temperature heat-up rate -40 to +150 C within 55 min.
Temperature pull-down rate +20 to -40 C within 55 min.
Humidity range 20 to 98 % rh
Humidity fluctuation +/- 2.5 % rh

Humidity uniformity
+/- 3.0 % rh
Cross-flow fan
Inside dimentions
(W x H D) 600 x 850 x 800 (mm)
manual + computer (ext.)
  Glass window
  Chamber lamp
Accessories Cable port 50mm
  Cable port 100mm
  2 adjustable shelves


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