The project SKA Northern Netherlands ('SKA Noord-Nederland') is collaboration between ASTRON, Major, Neways, Isiterra and S&T. SKA-NN is supported by funding from the EC/EFRO programme and the Northern Netherlands Provinces (Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland, SNN), the Koers Noord programme, and from the province of Drenthe and the province of Groningen.

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SKA-NN uses the Smart Antennas needed for the next generation radio telescope, the Square Killometre Array (SKA), as a driver for technology development and innovation. SKA-NN will build a demonstrator, with the latest technology to test and experiment with smart antennas. The goal is to strengthen the companies within the competition for construction of the SKA. Central in the project are 'Smart Antennas': intelligent, autonomous sensor systems within large networks. A collaboration between science and industry should elevate the technology for such systems towards other markets like health care, telecommunication, security and mobility. Prototypes will be built to test the newly developed production processes and designs.

SKA-NN station

SKA-NN project was rewarded in June 2010.

The project officially started with a steering group kick-off in August 2010 and a project-team kick-off in October 2010.
Several Work Packages are running, such as:
- evaluation of Embrace,
- simulations on antenna designs, tile size, tile gaps, performance,
- next step design changes for experiments are ongoing,
- production of parts for the first experiments is done and we are in assembly phase,
- contacts and agreements with our SKA partner OPAR are strengthened.

resources 2010-2013: 30 fte (SKA-NN).
Hardware  >1.5 Meuro  (SKA-NN).


  • First dualpol proto: Q2 2012
  • Dualpol tile(s) connected to test-station: Q3 2012
  • Dualpol next step connected to test-station:Q2 2013
  • goal full on site station: 2016. (out of scope SKA-NN)

Contacts with industry are expanding.
Team members: several within ASTRON, several within Industry, OPAR, SKA.

18-01-2011 Kant
12-02-2013 Pragt
12-03-2013 Hut
19-12-2013 PEZY
18-02-2014 Arts 

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