Extreme lightweight technology

Extreme lightweight technology 

Producing extreme light weighted structures by combining a new design concept with the most recent production machines and production software tools! Weight reductions of up to 50% compared to the traditional techniques are feasible with the same stiffness performance. Suitable for standard materials like aluminium and steel, for single construction parts out of mono material and with a single production process.


Astronomical instruments for space applications and ground-based applications require more and more extreme light and extreme stiff structures. The traditional technique like 3-axis or multisided machining of metal parts seems limited and not suitable for the next generation instruments. New materials with new production technologies are used more and more with all their specialties and restrictions. ASTRON developed a new structural design of traditional materials with heritage optimised for production with the most recent milling machines. The structural shapes are closely linked to the extremes of 5-axis simultaneous milling. The design and production process is available for transfer of this know-how.


The envisaged application domains are:

  • 1. High-speed precision positioning systems
  • 2. Avionics
  • 3. Space applications (as pay-load e.q. instruments and equipment)

General applications of Astron Xtreme Light Weighting are:

  • In small structures: maintaining stiffness
  • In large structures: reducing weight
  • Thin walled structures: reducing buckling
  • Applicable materials for eXtreme Light weighting are:
    • All materials suitable for milling
    • All materials suitable for ultrasonic machining




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Read more about a case study on applying this technology in: Put your systems on an Aluminium diet applying well-known materials using innovative milling techniques like EXTREME LIGHTWEIGHTING.

ASTRON offers to you support on incorporating this extreme lightweight technology into your business and your design strategies.

Please contact:

  • For contractual matters and technology transfer in general:
    • Mr. Ronald Halfwerk (ASTRON Technology Transfer Officer)
    • Tel +31 521 595 286 e-mail: halfwerk [at] astron [dot] nl
  • For technical inquiries:
    • Mr. Johan Pragt, (ASTRON Section Head Mechanical Department)
    • Tel +31 521 595 277 e-mail: pragt [at] astron [dot] nl


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