References Technology Transfer

The expertise of ASTRON is widely acknowledged and available in many fields, among which the following recent, specific industrial applications:

RF Design Reviewing image: © Ninthway CV, the Netherlands 

ASTRON typically provides development support in the domains of Radio Frequency and Opto/Mechanics. Thanks to a broad range of highly skilled technical specialists in the R&D division, we greatly support SME's in solving issues about e.g. antenna design, antenna measurements, impedance matching, 1 GHz QPSK transceiver designs and/or performance evaluation, etc. Our EMC-test environment is well suited for low-noise measurements. For instance an SME specialized in telecommunication equipment for public services (e.g. Police and Fire departments) executed receiver measurements on their 400 MHz systems.

Optical Consultancy

For a manufacturer of intraocular contact lenses ASTRON has indicated the available testing methods with regard to quality control of these lenses. The manufacturer aims for continuous quality improvement. In these kinds of lenses irregularities are difficult to trace because of the strength of the lenses. In its quality plan the manufacturer indicates its intention of making the next step towards semi-automatic lens testing.   

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