Legacy: Asking for MFFE time

Asking for time

Please note that regular WSRT MFFE observations terminated is the summer of 2015.

The WSRT has been upgraded with the APERTIF system and following commissioning it will conduct a number of interferometry and tied-array surveys, starting in 2018. 


Below is legacy information for the proposal procedure in the WSRT MFFE era from 2000-2015.

Regular proposal deadlines

Semesters A: 01 Dec - 31 May Proposal deadline: mid-September
Semesters B: 01 Jun - 30 Nov Proposal deadline: mid-March

Note that due to the transition to Apertif, there is no new call for proposals planned in 2014.

Proposal submission

Proposal instructions, exact deadline dates and news can be found on the Program Committee pages (PC pages).

The web proposal tool is directly accessible through the NorthStar Web Proposal Link

Urgent and service proposals

Urgent proposals that require swift action, and Service proposals for up to 26 hours of non-guaranteed filler time, can be submitted at any time. Occasionally, a special interim calls for proposals may also be issued. See the news and the Policy for WSRT Observing for details.


The WSRT is part of the European VLBI Network (EVN). Proposals for use of the WSRT in the European or Global VLBI Network observations are coordinated separately (further information on Network VLBI can be found on the EVN-JIVE web site).

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