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The powerful 8x20 MHz, quarter-million complex spectral channel IVC/DZB backend system is used at the WSRT for all continuum and line observations. Additional configuration flexibility, offering even more options, for example for unequal distributions of spectral channels and bandwidths, are being developed. A pulsar machine (PuMaII) and Mark IV and Mark V VLBI systems are also available. Complex requests, such as for recirculation, should be carefully considered, since they may result in very large data volumes.

Experience with parallel computing is being built up at Astron. A computer cluster is available for test purposes, and the Miriad data reduction package (particularly well suited for WSRT spectral line data) has recently been ported to it. Astronomers are therefore invited to consider taking on ambitious projects (wide-area mosaicks are just one example), with a scope that might have been considered too daunting until recently.

Investigators who have questions while preparing their WSRT proposal are invited to consult our support group wsrt-support [at] astron [dot] nl (WSRT support scientist).

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