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All science data are archived in Westerbork and become public one year after the completion of the whole project. Observers will be able to get access to their data through our Management of Measurements (MoM) system.

Astronomers can search the WSRT archive  online for WSRT data that have been taken since mid-2000.  Data that are in the public domain (see WSRT observing policy) can be requested by sending email identifying the corresponding project name(s) and the sequence numbers of the requested data sets to sciencesupport [at] astron [dot] nl (the )sciencesupport [at] astron [dot] nl" title="Opens in new window: mailto:sciencesupport [at] astron [dot] nl" target="_blank" class="spamspan external">ASTRON science support team. A detailed description of how to use the archive browser can be found here.

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