Lofar Cookbooks

A series of cookbooks detailing analysis pipelines or observing system software is being developed and maintained with the help of LOFAR commissioners and early users.

The Lofar imaging cookbook was initially written by Timothy Garn, who was its main author until he passed away in 2009. Currently, Marco Iacobelli is in charge of updating it thanks to the many contributions of Lofar commissioners. The manual explains how to manually reduce imaging data and inspect the results, using tools from the standard imaging pipeline (DPPP and WSclean). The latest version of the imaging cookbook (v24) is available at the following web address: https://support.astron.nl/LOFARImagingCookbook/


The LOFAR beamformed cookbook V1.0 has been now released. This preliminary version is edited by Pietro Zucca and it includes content prepared by Richard Fallows and Vlad Kondratiev. The latest version of the beamformed cookbook (v1.0) is available at the following web address: https://support.astron.nl/LOFARBeamformedCookbook/




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