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Subscribe to the lofar-news mailing list 

To inform the user community about the status of LOFAR and make important announcements related to the activities of the array, the ASTRON Radio Observatory maintains a mailing list called lofar-news [at] astron [dot] nl. To subscribe to the mailing list send a request to:

pizzo [at] astron [dot] nl

Note: the Radio Observatory organizes regular LOFAR Status Meetings (LSM's) to give overviews of recent LOFAR activities and science results. The LSM's take place every 4 Wednesdays, at 14:00 CE(S)T. The meetings are held at ASTRON, but they can also be followed remotely by using the Vidyo videocon tool. Details about the agenda and how to join the meeting are circulated via e-mail to the lofar-news mailing list one day before each LSM. If you want to attend the LSM, please subscribe to the lofar-news mailing list.

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