Issue in Skymodels created with PyBDSM

From 3rd March until the 13th May 2015 a bug was inadvertently introduced in the source finder software PyBDSM. 

This was caused by a change to the astropy WCS library in astropy version 1.0 causing PyBDSM to write NaNs (not a number) to output sky models written in BBS format. 

The NaNs occurred in the "Orientation" column of sources of type "Gaussian" (sources of other types were not affected).

This bug produces flat antenna gain tables (parmdb) when solving with BBS using a model extracted with PyBDSM in the period between the 3rd March and the 13th May 2015

The LOFAR pipeline products are not affected by this issue since the models used both in the Calibrator and Imaging pipelines have a different format.

We advise users to check their self-calibration results if these were obtained by using models extracted with PyBDMS during the above mentioned period.


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