Instructions for Justification File Preparation

Instructions for the NorthStar justification file:

The proposers should make their case in a fully self-contained science justification, uploaded as an A4 pdf file. The page-limit for the pdf-file varies per call for proposals. The document should include the science justification, additional technical information that is not provided in the "technical questions" section within the Northstar tool, and any desired ancillary material such as figures and tables. 

Page limits are dependent on the amount of observing time requested. The total of the science and technical justification, including any desired figures and tabular material, will have page limit of 4 pages for small requests, and the following rules may increase this limit to at most 10 pages:

  1. Single-Cycle proposals: the base allowance is 3 pages, plus 1 page per 250 hours of observing time requested (request 1 hour: 4 pages, from 251 hours: 5 pages, ... from 1001 hours: 8 pages).
  2. Long-term proposals follow the same rule as above, but 2 extra pages are allowed.
  3. Progress reports for long-term active project have a limit of 3 pages.

EXAMPLE: the maximum, in case>1000 hrs are requested, is 8 pages for single-cycle proposals, 10 pages for for long-term proposals.

Proposals exceeding the page limits will be rejected.

For long-term proposals, any specific requirement about how the observing time should be distributed between the four cycles must be clearly specified in the justification document. If this information cannot be found, it will be assumed that the observing time can be distributed equally between the four cycles.

Northstar accepts uploads of a single pdf file with a minimum font size of 11 pt (12 pt recommended). The pdf can be generated from, e.g., Microsoft Word, LaTeX and through several other routes at the proposer's choice. An example latex template is provided below with the appropriate sections and descriptions. Note: all PI's should check the pdf of the proposal BEFORE submission, making sure that text is not overlapping with headers and, in general, that no layout issues are present that make text unreadable. Proposals affected by layout issues may be rejected.

For a proposal to be fully considered submitted, the pdf file should contain at least the following sections:

1 Scientific Rationale

Scientific justification of the proposal 

%%%% Example TEX file %%%%%%%%%%%%
%%%% Howto generate the pdf %%%%%%
%-> latex template.tex
%-> dvipdf template.dvi

%%%% Title of proposal
{\bf \Large Proposal Title} \\*[3mm]

\section{Scientific Rationale}


%%%% Non-mandatory sections

% \section{Technical Addendum}

%%%% Additional technical justification which is not covered in the "Technical questions" section of the Northstar tool 

%%%% Example sections for additional technical information

% \subsection{Sensitivity and instrument setup}
% \subsection{data volumes/rates}
% \subsection{Processing requirements}
% \subsection{Data storage and LTA requirements}


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