LST availability during Cycle 15

This page provides an overview of time granted to long term projects by LST to enable proposers to propose for time in less congested LST ranges if they have a range of proposed targets which could allow for such a choice. Please note that this information is subject to change as ToO triggers may reserve an LST range and a long term project may opt for another target selection. Also, there is an error of 5-10 hours on this plot. At the present time, this information is available for the upcoming Cycle 15.

Cycle 15 - Available hours

After allocation for long-term projects, users can submit proposals for the remaining 1500 observing hours through the open proposal call. The plot shown above displays the amount of observing hours available as a function of the Local Sidereal Time (LST). This plots shows total available time, available time with the full array and total night time and day time hours available, in red, yellow, black and blue lines, respectively.

Please note that for e.g. an observing run of 8 hours centered at LST 05:00, time needs to be available from LST 1-9, or 2 times from LST 3-7 if it's split in 2 4-hour blocks.
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