LST availability during Cycle 17

This pages provides an overview of the available LST's for Cycle 17, after taking into account the already awarded long-term projects. This will guide proposers to properly design their observing campaigns. Note that this information is subject to change as:

  • ToO triggers may reserve an LST range
  • long term projects may opt for another target selection 
  • the system may become unavailable for other reasons (e.g. unplanned system/station maintenance, eVLBI observing sessions)


The plots shown above display the amount of observing hours available as a function of the Local Sidereal Time (LST). These plots show total available time, available time with the full array and total night time and day time hours available, in red, yellow, black and blue, respectively.

Some further limitations due to look-ahead time assigned earlier are not shown, since the ILT-PC may still tension off the merits of Cycle 17 proposals for that time.

Please note that for e.g. an observing run of 8 hours centered at LST 05:00, time needs to be available from LST 1-9, or twice from LST 3-7 if it's split in two 4-hour blocks.

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