Radionet Transnational Access Programme

Several proposals are eligible for the Transnational Access (TA) programme of RadioNet.

RadioNet is a project supported by the European Commission (EC), which brings together the premier radio astronomical facilities in Europe to serve a growing research community across all of Europe and beyond. Building on national investments and commitments to operate these facilities, this specific EC programme leverages the capabilities on a European scale.

Transnational Access offers free of charge, merit-based, access to the European telescopes or arrays, such as EVN, e-MERLIN, IRAM-NOEMA, IRAM-PV, LOFAR, Effelsberg and APEX. Access to these infrastructures or installations includes the professional user support on the technical and scientific level.

Access to the ILT

For the ILT, the TA programme contributes towards the operational cost of eligible projects, thus allowing a larger number of projects to be carried on.

In addition, travel subsidies for TA users to visit the ILT's operational centre at ASTRON and analyse their data with the help of experts, can be supported by RadioNet.

A request for support of travel costs is to be submitted to the RadioNet TA leader of the facility at the email address: lofar-ta [at] astron [dot] nl.



The TA programme offers access to the RadioNet facilities for European and for the first time also non-European users.

Traditionally an eligible research team (TA Users) is comprised of all co-authors in an observing  proposal where:

  • The PI is from an institute in a country of the EU or Associated States, with the exception of the Netherlands.
  • The same criterion, but applied collectively to 50% or more of the individual members of the research team.

Terms and Conditions for TA Users to comply to

Eligible groups will be notified though the Programme Committee feedback.

Groups that wish to apply for travel grants should follow the procedure above. 

As recipient of support from EC, the TA user, need to commit to the following:


Project Summary

The TA user need to fills in a project summary including personal information (e.g. name, gender, nationality) and authorises EC to publish this information for statistical purposes.


TA users are expected to disseminates the generated results, in the form of scientific publications and

-     acknowledge RadioNet support by including in their publication:

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730562 [RadioNet]

-     inform the RadioNet TA leader about the resulted publications

User questionnaire

Feedback from the TA users is vital for documenting the importance of the TA-supported facilities to the EC and for improving the RadioNet TA programme.

TA user should fills in the form on


o   Acronym of the EC Grant: 730562 RadioNet

o   User Project Acronym: name of the TA proposal

o   Answer to the question No 5:   No

AND send a confirmation of the questionnaire submission to RadioNet [at] mpifr [dot] de


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